PUSH is a remote personal training membership.

Endurance Training

PUSH isn't an endurance-focused training program, but we believe that endurance training is the key to long-term fitness. With a hybrid style of training, we will focus on muscular and cardiovascular endurance, all while increasing your strength and power. Wether you're used to running full marathons, or have never run at all, we have created programming that generates results for all of our members.
Strength Training

The PUSH style of strength training will help you achieve your goals of gaining power and muscle mass. We implement a mixture of HIIT and hypertrophy training to create long lasting results for our members. Our programming can be utilized by athletes of all levels and doesn't require equipment. However, we can adjust training to work with any type of equipment members want to utilize.
Hybrid Fitness

The combination of endurance and strength training create a hybrid fitness program. Traditionally, athletes might focus on one style of training at a time. By combining the two, PUSH members get balanced results that tackle multiple fitness goals at once. An added benefit of hybrid training is the flexibility to change training in reaction to fatigue or environment without limiting results.

PUSH is first and foremost a training membership. However, nutrition is an integral component to peak performance. PUSH members receive complementary guides to better understand nutrition during training. Our guides cover concepts like counting macros, supplementation, and the benefits of specific diets like keto and paleo diets. Trainers are also available 24/7 to answer questions about nutrition.

A PUSH membership is more than personal training. Membership includes 24/7 access to your trainer via direct messaging on our training platform, monthly members-only content, and complete personalization of your training plan. PUSH programming evolves through the feedback of our entire community, but it is always tailored to individual members. The price of membership increases with each round of sign-ups. The current rate is $50/month.
Remote Training

Remote training keeps PUSH affordable and scalable for all of our members. At a fraction of the cost of regular in-person training, you receive the same care and guidance you would expect from an in-person experience. Programming is delivered directly to your phone via our iOS and Android experience and messaging is a tap away. In other words, your trainer is wherever you are.

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