WFH (Workout from Home)

Home workout gear essentials.

Not having access to a gym can be rough. I have been able to get some good results with bodyweight workouts, but after months of doing HIIT in my living room, I started to hit a bit of a plateau.

If you’re looking to take your home workouts to the next level, here are my three essentials that will increase the intensity of your training and boost your results.

Gear Essentials

Adjustable Kettlebell

While I’m a fan of barbells and dumbbells, the kettlebell is my go-to weight training tool for working out at home. It’s easy to store, super versatile, and pretty cost-effective. My recommendation is the Bowflex SelectTech adjustable kettlebell. It only goes up to 40lbs, but for most people, this will be the only tool you need for functional fitness at home. With a couple of adjustments, you can also get hypertrophy bodybuilding sessions out of a single kettlebell.

Resistance Bands

If you’re just getting started with resistance training, bands like the Xertube from SPRI will do the trick. They will also save you some cash. I love working with bands while doing my kettlebell workouts to add some extra resistance when I’m hitting a wall with a movement. You’d be surprised how hard these can push you. The best part about working with bands at home is that they are easy to store, and as a bonus they are easy to travel with.

Fitness Watch

I am a big fan of tracking fitness data. While having the right gear is important, the most important part of training is getting a little bit better every day. The best way to know how to push yourself is knowing where you can make improvements. Tracking your pace while running, and TDEE through calories burned is a huge step in the right direction if you want to see results.

I have used an Apple Watch since it first came out, and for most people, I would recommend it as the best fitness smartwatch. If you use an iPhone, get the Apple Watch. If you’re looking for something a little more sport focused and don’t care about smartwatch features, go with a more affordable Garmin like the Forerunner 35, or get a top of the line watch like the Fenix 6. It just depends on your fitness goals.

If you’re looking for a cheap Apple Watch and want to save the planet a little, try getting a used/refurbished watch on Backmarket.

And that’s it! No need to spend a ton of money setting up a massive home gym to get a great workout in. Of course, if you train hard you will want to mix it up, but if you’re new to training at home and haven’t worked with gear before, this is a great place to start. Feel free to reach out for more tips, or hit me up with any questions.Bodyweight Workout


5-Minutes (As many rounds as possible)

  • 10 Mountain Climbers

  • 10 Push-Ups

  • 10 Sit-Ups

  • 10 Burpees

Repeat this 5 times with 1:00 rest in between each 5:00 round.


Interval Running

  • 10:00 Warm-Up

  • 6:00 Running in Zone 4

  • 1:00 Rest (Walking)

Repeat the 6:00/1:00 four times, then cool down.