Foundational Training and Breakfast Cereal

Train slower, get faster.

This week we are going to cover two topics:

  • Building a foundation for training

  • Post-workout breakfast cereal

These two topics might seem unrelated, but foundational training (specifically Zone 2 training when running) and low glycemic foods post-workout can be combined to lose body fat quickly. If you’re looking to take your diet and training to the next level, keep reading.

Foundational Training

A common mistake people make when starting their training is maxing out in every session. This isn’t surprising. The majority of fitness content pushes an agenda of pushing yourself to the max to achieve your potential.

If you’re starting out, this mentality might lead to instant results. Going from 0 to 100 is going to force your body to adapt rapidly, but that adaptation has a ceiling. Unfortunately, this will quickly get you directly to a plateau in your training.

In order to train effectively, you need to establish a solid foundation to build on top of, and then establish a targeted program based on your goals.

With races and competitions canceled, right now is the perfect time to focus on building the proper foundation for training by going slower. With running, that means more Zone 2 training. For strength training, this means a focus on functional movement and form.

For more information on this topic, I highly recommend listening to this episode (starting at 15:00) of the Rich Roll podcast.

Post-Workout Cereal

For the past couple of months, I have been experimenting with something called Carb Cycling. It’s a topic we will cover a bit later once I have the opportunity to put some of my thoughts together. For now, let’s think of it as timing your carbohydrate intake as close to your workout as possible (and limiting fat) to get the most out of your diet.

With this new style of eating I try to keep my carb sources lower on the Glycemic Index scale. This has led me to stick with post-workout plain oatmeal and protein shakes. (Kinda gross.)

Luckily, the folks at Three Wishes sent me some cereal that has saved my post-workout meal. (I am not getting paid for this, I just love the cereal.) It’s made with monk fruit sweetener and doesn’t have that fake sugar taste that some of the other low carb cereals on the market have. It comes in a couple of flavors (Cinnamon, Honey, Unsweetened, and Cocoa) and ships in either 6-Packs or solo boxes.

Alternative idea: If you aren’t worried about the Glycemic Index of your food, you might want to try a sugary cereal after your workout. Read about that here. This is best for those of you who might be looking for more of a bodybuilder physique.


  • 150 KB Swings

  • 5 Burpees (Every minute on the minute)

Do this workout for time.


Long Run

1:00 Run in Zone 2

(Build that aerobic engine!)