Habit Stacking

Combine your training habits to get more done.

One of the biggest challenges with training is consistency. Starting a new habit that requires an hour of your time on a daily basis is a large ask. On top of that, it's not uncommon to bite off multiple new habits at once: start exercising, eat healthy food, go to sleep early, limit caffeine, start meditation.

For better results, try stacking your habits. Create small mini-routines composed of multiple habits to get more out of your day. In example, I wake up every morning and do the same four things: read, exercise, meditate, and eat a healthy breakfast.

Reading gives me time to warm up (and usually let the coffee hit), my workout is usually either an intense running session or a strength session followed by running, my cool down is a five to ten minute meditation, and I finish with a high-carbohydrate breakfast to replenish my energy for the day. All of this is one routine that allows me to hit multiple habits at once.

Habit stacking can come in many shapes and forms. Your "before bed" routine could be taking a shower, reading a book, meditating, and getting to bed at a decent hour. Your work habit stack could be listing your priorities for the day, answering emails, doing a five minute meditation, and starting on task #1.

If you're having trouble with building a workout routine that works for you, try to tack it onto other established habits you have throughout the day. Stacking habits on top of each other can be a powerful way to build a sustainable routine that actually sticks.

Ab Workout

  • 1 Minute Side Plank (right side)

  • 1 Minute Side Plank (left side)

  • 30 Alternating Toe Touches

5 Rounds with no rest in between.


Long Run

1:00 Long Run at Zone 2. To find your heart rate zones, check out this link.

Try stacking these two together. I would also suggest trying this one first thing in the morning while fasted. Follow with a high carb breakfast to replenish your energy.