PUSH 2.0

A new home for PUSH

I originally started PUSH as a newsletter for fitness content that I had collected around the web. After training for years and not getting the results I was looking for, I began focusing my efforts on mastering the basics that were often overlooked in get-fit-quick marketing schemes and digital fitness platforms.

After toying with the idea of writing a newsletter, I realized that sharing information wasn’t enough. Results aren’t generated through knowledge, but the application of knowledge. I realized that I could better serve people by becoming a trainer and building a community of likeminded individual looking for similar results as what I was achieving.

In early 2020, I started PUSH Training with a couple of remote clients. As I continue to grow my training practice, I continue to find out new information to optimize results for my clients. This newsletter is a way for me to share that knowledge (similar to the original idea for PUSH) and give you a look into how we’re training in the PUSH community.

Thanks for reading, and hope you find this content helpful in your fitness journey.