Data Overload

Are gadgets the answer to fitness?

At the beginning of the year I was wearing a Garmin Fenix 6 and a WHOOP strap at the same time. The WHOOP strap measured my HRV and heart rate and my Garmin measured all of my data from my runs and strength training sessions. I was really interested in collecting as much data as possible to push my training forward.

Earlier this month I bought a Garmin Index scale. Tracking my weight and body fat % with a smart scale was an investment I made while shifting my focus to strength training from running. (I also just like gadgets. Please don’t send me links to gadgets. I will buy them.)

I use Foodnoms on iOS to track my Macros. I use EliteHRV in the morning to check my HRV readiness. Strava keeps me up to date with how many miles I’ve run every month. It’s a lot to keep up with! There is a saying that you can only manage what you track and I don’t disagree. The caveat is that you have to know what your goals are or the data is pointless.

When the pandemic started I got obsessed with tracking my data. I thought that having a bunch of devices attached to me would keep me on track to hitting every goal I set my mind to. In my mind, more data = better results. After a year of tracking things obsessively I’m moving away from hardcore data tracking.

My days became consumed with hitting caloric intake goals or obsessing over getting an extra session in to beat the metrics from the week before. I would try to hack the system to crush a PR in Strava but get a perfect recovery score in WHOOP at the same time. I was out of touch with my body and I was burnt out. The data looked good but I felt terrible.

I recently ditched the WHOOP. I only wear my Garmin when I’m training. Calories are adjusted based on energy in the gym. EliteHRV is an easy way to track stress. Other than that, the focus is on the quality of my training and being mindful of how my body feels. Don’t get obsessed with data, get obsessed with results. Data is a tool to help you achieve results but it can’t be the goal in itself. It’s a recipe for burnout.

Focus on tracking what matters for your current goals and you’ll be on the right path. Right now I’m focused on increasing my strength trends and lowering my body fat %. Need help figuring out what data you need to track? Shoot me a note at

Until next time. ✌️

Kettlebell AMRAP

10 Minutes
25 KB Cleans (Heavy Weight)
25 Diamond Sit-Ups

(2 Minute Rest)

10 Minutes
25 KB Swings (Heavy Weight)
25 Mountain Climbers