Consistency Is Key

Repeat your habits, achieve your goals.

Consistency Is Key

If you have been subscribed to this newsletter for a bit you will know that I haven't been consistent with my writing. It's something I hope to change moving forward. Simply put, consistency is the key to unlocking growth. We rarely see progress in efforts where we lack consistency.

This is true for any habit. Work, fitness, personal growth. It's all tied to how consistent we are with our efforts. I often think of James Clear's principle of continuous improvement when I slack with my habits. It’s better for us to embrace a mindset of
”one percent better every day” than trying to make huge gains in explosive steps forward.

In order to achieve consistency we need to establish habits that are easy to repeat and schedules that are easy to stick to. My personal downfall has been trying to achieve too many 1% gains at once. Volume is a huge contributor success. Don’t spread yourself too thin!

Nowadays I stick to five achievable tasks per day and use habit stacking to get more out of my daily routines. (I have a previous post about habit stacking here.) Here are my current habit stacks:

  • Personal Morning Routine: Daily workout, meditation, and post-workout breakfast

  • Morning Work Routine: E-mail, work communication, and other small tasks.

  • Workday: Tackle the days top five tasks

  • Work Cool Down: Respond to any immediate communication, plan the next days top five tasks

Planning things out help us keep track of our progress and make it easier for our habits to stay consistent once we start. Hoping to add my writing to one of these routines in a way that makes my progress meaningful and hopefully valuable for you. I would love to hear about your ways of staying consistent! Have a strong rest of your week. 💪